Friday, 19 Oct 2018
The 4MC prototype in the videos represents the first of six development stages. A Kickstarter crowd funding campaign has been launched to optimise and make development stage six production ready, for further information click on the following link: The investment necessary for a project like the 4MC has traditionally been beyond the means of most people. But this is no longer the case with crowd funding. By spreading the required investment over many funders allows nearly everyone to be involved. Kickstarter is a crowd funding organisation. Pledges made by funders to the 4MC's Kickstarter funding campaign will not be collected from the funder's bank account until the 4MC's funding target has been reached. Then on receipt of the accrued funds the project creator (me) has a legal obligation to fulfill the project goals and to provide the rewards. With this (Kickstarter) strategy each funder can be assured that the sum they have pledged will be used to complete the 4MC's project goals. 4MC Kickstarter funders can each receive a reward which can include acknowledgement, involvement, and receiving 4MC associated products. Nick Shotter