Friday, 21 Sep 2018
Features included in the various development stages
Front View
By combining the 4MC’s unique designs with leading and trailing suspension arms allows the 4MC to have the following key features and benefits.

Does not require a separate frame
  • Lowers the centre of gravity
  • Minimises weight, 100kg – 200kg depending on motive power
  • Improves manoeuvrability
  • Improves braking
  • Improves acceleration
  • Maximises efficiency
  • Minimises tyre wear
  • Minimises production costs

Upwardly looped leading arms
  • Allows a 45 degree steering lock in each direction

Generates a large slip angle to all four tyres in a destabilising event 
  • Resists falling over which increases safety

minimal front and rear unsprung mass which maximises roadholding and thereby safety 
  • minimal steering and suspension components which minimises mass and minimises production costs

Has an anti tilt device for parking
  • Negates the need for a stand

Can use its anti tilt device at low speed
  • Can travel very slowly through traffic without wobbling from side to side
  • Does not require the rider to put their feet on the ground when stationary
Anti tilt device and hand brake
  • Can be parked on any reasonable hill or contour
Variable wheelbase
  • Helps cornering agility without compromising straight line stability
Side view
Suspension biasing
  • Reduces the angle of lean when cornering 
Unique but simple steering joints
  • Provides the rider with a good amount of feel from the tyres
  • Contributes towards the light steering

Has a width of only 58 cm
  • Optimum width for negotiating traffic.  Large motorcycles get stuck in traffic, and narrow motorcycles have no road presence which invites abuse from other road users.   The 4MC’s unique but simple steering allows the handlebars to also only be 58 cm wide which helps the 4MC to maneuver around obstacles 

Can be ridden by most car license holders and all full motorcycle license holders
  • However, taking some lessons from a qualified motorcycle instructor is recommended for those who are new to motorcycle riding

Designed uncompromisingly to travel through traffic yet;
  • Has a great recreational appeal
  • Will adapt to a much more sports orientated design
  • Will permit further developments