Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016
4MC - 4 wheeled Motorcycle Concept

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Introducing the 4MC 
The prototype shown here represents the first of six development stages. Be part of the 4MC's story and become a Kickstarter funder to make the 4MC (development stage six) ready for low cost mass production, click here for details. The 4MC is the original work of engineer and company director Nick Shotter.   He has specifically designed the 4MC to get its rider through traffic safely yet efficiently. 

His interest in safety originated from being injured in a road accident when working as a London motorcycle courier.  The 4MC has evolved through Nick’s rigorous design process which began in 1989.  In 2000 the 4MC won a DTI Smart Award for a Feasibility Study. 
Journalists began testing the proof-of-concept prototype in 2009. 

The 4MC’s unique designs are covered by very robust patents.

The prototype shown here in the videos was built to prove the fundamental principle of the 4MC and represents the first of six development stages.  The prototype is very sure footed and is terrific fun to ride. The 4MC's development has now reached stage six and Kickstarter crowd funding is required to make the 4MC ready for low cost mass production. Please click here for more information about the 4MC's kickstarter crowd funding campaign.
Dry Track Demonstration
Click here to play Dry Track Demonstration video
This video is a dry track demonstration showing specifically the 4MC's handling, cornering ability, agility and flat tyre capabilities.
Featured in Gizmag. Great writeup!

Gizmag featured the 4MC in their June edition and gave an in depth report on the status of the project:

Read the original here


Skid Pan Pursuit Trial
The 4MC’s grip is compared with RWD and FWD cars where the 4MC quickly catches each car in a pursuit trial. The cars were driven by the skid pan’s driving instructor. The 4MC’s filtering and slippery surface swerving abilities are also demonstrated.
Great Review from Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

“Lean it right over, snap the throttle open and when the back comes round steer into the slide.” As a card holding coward I’m the first to admit that such commands are usually met with a fair bit of scepticism, but when the words are uttered by the seemingly normal and quite affable Nick Shotter, you sort of find yourself saying “right-oh then” and giving it a crack.